Friday, February 13, 2009

The Classmate

This semester should be pretty easy, I thought as I scurried to find a decent parking space. Taking classes to obtain my Master's is fulfilling, although last semester had been quite a stretch. Two nights a week, three hours a night after working a full eight hours a day was becoming quite stressful. My husband, bless his heart, had understood, he always did. Michael was a very lovable man, the main reason I loved, married, and respected him although I daydream occasionally. The fantasies were occurring more often now though. Idle minds, you know. Michael wouldn't have to worry about not spending enough time with me this semester because I was taking only one class.

I found a spot right up front...I was glad I made it on time. I liked to make a good impression, especially the first day of class. As it turns out, I knew the professor, I had him a couple of semesters earlier and he seems to like me. I was sure I could pull an A out of this class. I walk in the lab; there were a couple of people that I recognized from previous classes so took a seat up front. At 32, my eyesight definitely isn't what it used to be. Then again, who wants to sit up front? Oh, there in the 3rd row was the perfect spot. I took a seat and began looking for the class website online.

As I surfed the internet, I noticed a new face walk in the class. Never seen her beforeI thought... I thought I knew everyone in this program. The woman took a seat across the row from me, nearly 4 workstations away. A strange feeling came over me, a feeling of loss, although I clearly had no vested interest in where this woman sat. At any rate, I returned my attention to the virtual online class the professor had created for the students. I turned and heard a soft voice whisper excuse me. Before I could turn, the woman sat down in the workstation next to me, her bookbag and purse thrown on the desk. I'm usually a very confident person, but I smiled and said hello with a coy shyness. The woman responded and returned a smile. Her eyes were light brown, strikingly beautiful. I only looked into them briefly. The woman listened intently as the professor introduced himself and covered the course syllabus.

How did you get into the website?, the woman asked. I whispered directions to allow the woman to view the information needed. I felt good that I could be helpful to this woman who at times seemed unfamiliar with navigating the page. I found that although I was happy the woman sat here, I was unsure and nervous when dealing with her. There was something warm and inviting about this woman who seemed a bit nervous herself. At any rate the class ended and we parted with a smile. Second week of class, I found myself excited to return...I would make a special effort to be nice to this woman. After all, nice never hurt... just keep your cool. I remembered a trick I had tried often on many men... look him in the eyes. Amy (formerly known as the woman) made a sarcastic remark about the professor. I responded with a big laugh. She slid her chair close, to show me an article she heart beat a little faster. Surely she knows that this is uncomfortable I thought...after all, Amy was clearly in that inner circle of space that only those close to a person should invade. Amy seemed unaware of this fact, maybe she is just that type of person, very open, unaware, sensual even. Surely she doesn't know about these things and how they affect a person...or maybe she does.

Between the professor's boring lecture, she made smart remarks, quite funny. I gathered my nerve and during the next exchange, looked Amy directly in those big browns.... She quickly darted her eyes away...then back...then away again. Very confusing . Well, class is ending now...better call Michael to make sure he's ready to leave. I use the phone briefly, noticing that Amy has already left classroom. I pack my things and turn to find that Amy has backtracked...looks as if she needed to use the phone also. I tinker with my briefcase a minute and then decide to leave...but wait...Amy quickly gets off the phone. What's she up to? I wonder. Amy approaches me, making small talk. Although my car is easily accessible from the front entrance, I decide to walk with her the long way, just to entertain myself. I like this woman. It makes me uneasy. Extremely talkative, brown-eyed and a bit spacey, Amy gave off warmth that I could not resist. She's probably this way with everyone, I mean, look how she talks in class. She will have a conversation with just about anybody on just about anything. Naturally outgoing need to read anything into that right?

Tuesday night cannot come quick enough. I get to class right on time. Amy's already there talking up a storm. It seems that the professor will be late this time. We have an hour to spare. Amy and I talk about the presentation she needs to give next week. We take time to go outside and talk about our jobs, families and even plans for the future. I like this woman...I'm attracted to her mental energy...physically, I'm attracted also. We talk a lot over the next couple of weeks. Email daily, sometimes discussing work issues, other times just to say hello. I find myself thinking of a reason to talk with her. I notice also, that she asks for advice that's work-related, but she asks for information she could have easily gotten elsewhere. Finally, I get the nerve. I have an idea, I say. Let's get together this weekend to discuss our projects...I'll be fun yet productive! Sure she replies. Do you want to come to my house? I live alone so we should have plenty of peace and quiet That'll be great! How about Saturday? What time? I said Make it around 2:00 unless you have something better to do! Amy suggests.

I show up at her house around 2:30...she seemed so happy to see me. With bookbag on my arm, I said hello to her Persian cat and commented on her beautiful home. Her home was very warm and inviting much like her personality...bright colors and lots of plants and comfortable places to be. She gave me a tour of the house. Here's the den...I spend most of my time here wishing I wasn't single she laughed. Oh Amy, you shouldn't worry about that, with your looks and great personality, you'll find a man without a problem. I commented. Well, I don't know Amy remarked, After all, I'm 30 now...I'll be an old maid soon. I'm happy though, I'd just like to spend time with someone...good friends like you make it easier, but I could also use a little sex! Hey, know...I can't help you there! I blushed. She looked at me with a small grin on her face, coming closer while moving a strand of my hair from my brow. Come on now she purred, her mouth only inches from mine. Are u sure there's nothing you can do? She laughed.

My heart is beating really fast now...I can't believe she is coming on to me. Oh God, don't let me mess this up. I've wanted this woman for weeks now. Take a deep breath, calm down, be cool, think of something sexy. I swallow really hard and look at her. She is just about the sexiest thing on earth at this moment. I regain my composure and decide to call her bluff. Don't play with me woman I whisper in her ear as I lean against her, leveraging myself against the kitchen countertop. You don't know what you're getting yourself into I've known she said while staring into my full mouth. You and I both know you're not here for homework she whispers. I kiss her neck...lightly at first. Then her ear and under her chin. I can smell her, clean, fresh with a slight musk that could only be her body chemistry. As I kiss the top of her chest, just above her breast, I hear her grasp for breath. When I look up into her eyes, I notice her lip trembling slightly. Is this desire or fear? I don't want her to be afraid of this or to feel any pressure. Are you sure you want this. You can tell me to stop at any time Amy. I mean it, Jesus, you're shaking I say, grabbing her hand. I'm sorry she explained. I may be in over my head. I've had fantasies of you and I together but I must confess that I have no idea what I'm doing here Hey, come on now...this is me you're talking to. We are friends no matter what, you know. I want you more than life itself right now but I have no problem doing without this if its best for you or our friendship. Don't be silly Amy replies. I'm a big girl, I can handle it. Just promise me nothing will change between us. I love having you as a friend.

I take her hand and put it around my waist. She hugs me from behind as I lead her to the bed. Millions of thoughts run through my head. I love this woman; I feel so close to her. I want to share myself with her and to reassure her that what I feel for her could never totally manifest itself physically...our physical relationship will only be a symptom of what we truly feel for each other. As she reclines on the bed, I bend over her, gathering her hands above her head. I kiss her small mouth, gently at first, adding my tongue only when invited. My God, the smell of this woman is intoxicating. As I undo her shirt, she looks at me and smiles. I see that she is relaxing now...willing and ready to experience the pleasure I have in store for her. I unbutton her bra to reveal ripe full breasts. I lick her nipple and she responds with a mumbled groan. As I manipulate it with my tongue, I feel the excitement she is obviously giving herself to. I go lower, lower, across her belly. As I remove her pants, I put my lips on her thigh and decide to kiss my way back up to her stomach. When I pass the area around her groin, her body responds...unable to remain still. Muscles tense at the pleasure to come. I decide not to torture her and remove her underwear. Bye I use my hand to lightly touch the hair atop her sweet pussy. A mixture of blonde brown soft hair covering her clit as if to hide the treasure. I use my finger to gently glide over her pussy lips, occasionally slipping inside to feel her wetness. I'm so excited now I must kiss her mouth once more. I give her a long stroking meant to show her how serious this was.

This is your last chance baby I breathe into her breasts as I lower myself further. She responds by kissing my mouth, then my breasts with such intensity, I know that she wants exactly what I want. As I part her vaginal lips with my tongue, I decide that she is has the sweetest taste I've ever known. I use my tongue to circle her clit several times while my fingers enter her. Only one finger at first, slowly, gently, moving in and out, feeling her inside. I finally use my full lips to gently grasp her red, swollen, clit and give it a slight tug, touching its tip with the tip of my tongue. As I release her, I use my tongue to lick upwards, from her pussy back up to her clit using a slow swirling motion. I'm so overwhelmed at how giving her pleasure is exciting me. Her hands grasp the bed with white knuckles as she cries out. Oh God...Oh God...what are you doing to me? I knew you would be like this...AAAhhhhhhh.... Oh Baby. Don't stop...please, she cries, barely audible over the sounds of my mouth plunging into her wetness.

She is so wet right now...I use my tongue and lift my head an inch above her pussy. A string of her wetness connects the tip of my tongue to her clitoris. I can sense that this will end soon. I choose to leave her clit and to use my long tongue to enter her. As I slip my tongue into her wetness, she forcefully grabs my hair and pulls, raising herself. What follows is a frantic mesh of my enjoying the very taste and smell of her.At times, she pulls my head into her, as if to devour me within herself and at other times, she tries to push me away, but my hold on her buttocks give her no relief. She cries out in a mixture of agony and pleasure. Finally,she flexes her body and I feel that she is near. I use my fingers to enter her one last time as she screams in pure ecstasy. I feel her walls spasm against my moving fingers, slowly caressing her inside, extending her pleasure. I hate to be crude but what a great fuck she has turned out to be! Her hair clings to her perspiring forehead and dewy wetness cover her entire body. As I move off her, she follows as if attached, pinning me to the bed and straddling me naturally. I'm surprised at her assertiveness although I'm somewhat amused. She giggles a bit as I playfully squeeze her ass, taking time to examine how perfectly her hips lead to her thigh. She's not one of those Ally McBealish chicks, this is a real woman. Strong, yet soft, clean and natural. I could love her if it was allowed.

Not ready to give up control, I decide that my next move's reward would be greater than its risk. You see, she was right...I'd had no intention on working on some project when I arrived today. I playfully buck her off me, in an effort to go into the next room, promising to return with nourishment. I slip on my sweat pants and T-shirt and head into the next room while she is in the bathroom. I grab a Coke and chips from the kitchen and decide that the strap-on hidden in my bag would be her next delight. I carefully put it on, covering it with my sweatpants. Before she emerges from the bathroom, I'm back in bed hiding the surprise I have for her next. She jumps back into bed gleefully thanking me for my help with her problem. My desire is building for this woman as we talk and laugh, eating chips and kissing crumbs from each other's lips. She doesn't even notice the dildo I've attached...I'm waiting for the right approach. I finally get the balls to ask Amy, really, do you trust me? Sure I do...I care about you a lot and I know you care about me she replies. Good because I'm here for you, you know. I know we joke and play a lot but this friendship is very important to me. Even when you find Mr. Right, I want us together. Amy you deserve to be happy...I'll be whatever you need me to be to make that happen I knew I loved you for some reason. I was drawn to you the very first day. That's why I switched my seat in class she whispered as she joined her lips to mine. I need to be with you again she pleaded as she lifted herself above me.

I felt the time was right, struggling to keep a clear head as she gently sucked my nipples. I have something for you I said as I removed the sweatpants, revealing the big life-like dildo I'd brought along with me. Jeez Yoli...u tryin to kill me or something she laughed throatily. Not hardly sweetie. I want to make love to you, not fuck you. I trust you haven't let me down so far. Have your way with me she said with a smile. As I lay her on her back, I continue to kiss and caress her. She gets excited, zealously kissing my arms, my side, and almost any part of me available to her. I use my finger to touch gently inside her pussy...I need to gage whether or not she is ready. My ring finger slides inside her with ease, passing the test. I move the cock into position, taking care to enter her slowly and effortlessly. She stares directly into my eyes, and I carefully watch her expression. I feel her tense a bit, as the long cock rests against her cervix. I whisper in her ear to reassure her. I won't hurt you. I love you baby, I swear Slowly I move in and out of her, making sure that each stroke is long, purposeful, causing her body to writhe and move with my thrusts. Our bodies move in perfect sync and I hold her against me placing my arm in the small of her back, my head buried in her chest. This feeling is so powerful...watching her, knowing that I'm having this effect on her. She can barely respond as I question her, begging to know what she feels. I don't want this to end...its so intense.

I have to break away to shift my position and to keep my sanity. I lift her to me, bracing my arm across her back. She momentarily cries out as the big dick plunges into her because of the new positioning. She's on top now, in full control. She adjusts her position, using her thighs to gage the depth of the tool. I'm sitting up now with my head staring into her chest and she moves wantonly above me. I lick and kiss each breast while she powerfully works toward her orgasm. As the feelings intensify, she wraps her arms around my shoulders, hugging me like a frightened child. I use my hands to support her, holding her steady by her waist as she moves up and down in rhythm. Finally, she pushes against my shoulders, bending herself back, as she surrenders to the deepest of emotions. I hold her tightly as she cries, digging her short nails deep into my back. As the motion subsides, she slowly rocks above me, whimpering and kissing my forehead. I look up to find her eyes full of tears.

Are you all right Amy? I asked with deep concern. I'm more than all right. I can't believe how you make me feel. Oh God, don't let me be a lesbian she jokes. I don't think you're a lesbian, not that there's anything wrong with that. We're friends and we've been intimate. There's nothing to be ashamed of I respond. We lay together exhausted from our tryst. I lay my head on her chest just above her heart. I want to stay here forever, but that's not feasible. I need to get home. I have to go Amy. I've lost track of time. I explain. You can't go now. I've done nothing to satisfy you she replies while caressing my abdomen. I am satisfied...being with you satisfies me. Maybe next time, when we have more time. I can't get enough of you Yoli. Promise me you'll be my friend forever. She says as I slip on my pants and shirt. I tuck my hair behind my ear and lean over her on the bed kissing her mouth gently, then the tip of her

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