Sunday, November 30, 2008


We had been hanging out all day just chillin since it was our last day of the convention and we were miles away from home. My best friend Sylvia and I always hung out but we rarely got a chance to go away together without our husbands' and families. We were leaving one of the coolest little jazz spots I had ever been to. Many drinks later we headed back to the hotel room. It wasn't late but we wanted to get back to the hotel room to relax a little on our last night away.
As we were walking to the hotel talking and laughing walking arm in arm, I was checking out my best friend. She is really hot. She always has been. We have been friends for more than 20 years and there is no other friend in the world that I trust more than her. She's taller than my 5'4 by 2 inches and she's beautiful. Shoulder length hair that's a bit wavy, almond shaped dark brown eyes, full sensuous lips, a hint of a dimple in her right cheek and a gorgeous warm honey brown complexion. She's also voluptuous! DD's curvy, with a nice round soft ass. I've often wondered what it would be like to be naked with her but in all the years we'd been friends strangely, that conversation had never come up. Oh we talked about sex alright but never same sex or anything relating to us in that aspect. I have had fantasies about her on more than one occasion but I dared never tell her for fear of pushing her away. We have shared the same bed, dressed together, and just layed around all over each other but nothing sexual had ever transpired between us.

Not until that evening.
Once we reached the hotel we stopped to order some wine sent up to our suite. We walked to the elevator laughing and talking feeling buzzed and happy. There were a few people waiting but not very many. When the door opened the car was empty and we went to the back of the elevator. On the next floor there was a huge crowd waiting and everyone that could, crammed in front of us. My best friend is very protective of me. She always has been for reasons unclear to me but without complaint on my end. She reached over to pull me closer and in front of her and instinctively I went. On the next floor two more people insisted on squeezing into that elevator car and everyone pressed that much closer together. Sylvia had her hand on my side right below my waist. As the last two people got on she pulled me tight against her. A shiver quickly shot through me! I could feel her wonderful breast against my back and her pelvic bone against my ass. I think I pressed into her unconsciously and to my surprise I thought I felt her push into me as well. Just then, her fingers started to rub me lightly. It really could have been nothing more than reflex but it didn't feel quite that way. She pulled me tighter. I went into her willingly. I could feel her heart racing and her breathing pattern changed. So did mine.

We only had to ride up five floors to our suite but I swear it took an eternity to get there! A few people got off on the next few floors and Sylvia and I could have put some distance between us but neither of us moved an inch. When at last we made it to our floor I stepped away from her reluctantly and it seemed as though she reluctantly let me go. We made our way to our suite in silence and that in and of itself was very strange to us. We were always talking or laughing or venting about something to each other. We very rarely had silent moments together. Unless we were engrossed in a movie and we were absolutely not watching a movie at that point.
We reached the door neither of us speaking and neither of us looking at each other. I felt strange and nervous and Sylvia's hands were trembling slightly as she swiped the card to open the door. The room was cool and inviting and I was glad to be in it. I also desperately needed a drink to calm my nerves. We had a bottle of champagne left in the fridge and I headed straight for it. Sylvia said nothing. I tried to change this awkward direction we seemed to be taking by joking about how thirsty the ride in that hot and crowded elevator had made me. I kept my back turned the whole time for fear that if Sylvia looked close enough she would see the blatant desire all over my face and deep in my eyes. I didn't know what was going through her mind and I was afraid to ask. Soon enough however, I found out.

As I was chatting incessantly and filling glasses for both of us I suddenly felt her behind me. I turned slowly to see her standing there staring. Quiet and almost somber she was. I handed her the glass and we raised them in a toast and drank. I swallowed it all in one gulp and was reaching for the bottle for another one when at that moment Sylvia reached for me. She stepped closer to me and reaching down lifted my chin up to her face. In that instant, nothing more needed to be said. She leaned down to kiss me and I opened my mouth to kiss her back. Her lips were soft, warm and moist. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and I let her. Then I did the same to her. That did it. We both melted into each other and kissed deeply and passionately for a good five minutes. It felt like years of sexual tension was finally being shed. We both knew that we were going to the next level.

I reached up and cupped her breast in my hands and they felt exactly the way I knew they would. Soft yet firm and I could feel her nipples through her clothes. They were hard and I was ready to taste them. To taste her. To feel her against me in the most intimate way. I had never had sex outside of my marriage and neither had Sylvia that I knew of and although a part of me felt really guilty, I couldn't stop. Nor did I want to. I had to have this woman and if it never happened again in life I would always have this one night in herstory. I both loved Sylvia and lusted for her and if she wanted me this way I was not turning back! As I ran my fingers across her nipples I felt her shudder and we both moaned into each others mouths. She reached down and gripped and squeezed my ass and pulled me into her. I could feel her pelvis bone grind into my clit and I almost lost my cool! It was wonderful and she felt wonderful. Just as I had imagined she would. She must have sensed my weakening because she broke the kiss to look down at me and smile. Then she whispered I love you so much and I have wanted you for so long. I told her that I felt the same way and had for quite sometime. We smiled and kissed again while in a very hard close embrace. At that moment there was a knock on the door.
Room Service a voice called. Shit! we both said in unison and laughed out loud. The laughter felt good. It also felt right.

Sylvia went to the door picking up her purse and kicking off her heels at the same time. I watched her glide across the floor as I had done so many times in the past twenty years but this time was different. I watched her with a proprietary feel. I was going to have this woman naked in bed making love to me and me to her in a matter of minutes and I felt a sense of urgency and pride that I could not begin to explain. My heart was racing and my panties were wet. My pussy was trembling and my nipples were on fire. I needed her badly. I heard the door close and saw Sylvia walking towards me and I realized that I must have been daydreaming. She noticed it too and she simply leaned down to plant a soft kiss on my closed lips. She sat the wine on the counter, took me by the hand and lead me to the bed. We stood there as she ran her hands up and down my body. She touched me everywhere. My breasts, my ass, my thighs, my pussy all at once. My head was spinning and my knees were weak. I moaned loudly and instantly clothes started flying off. We couldn't get undressed fast enough for either of us. I wanted her in the worse way! No more playing around. I wanted to touch her, and taste her and feel her body pressed to mine. I wanted to hear the sounds she made when touched and tasted and cumming. I was on fire!

We fell onto the bed kissing and exploring each others' bodies with our hands and tongues. She tasted faintly of the almond lotion that she favors and her skin was like velvet against mine. I knew this would be a long night. I had much to explore and I wanted to savor every precious moment! She whispered to me You are so sexy she smiled. I have always wondered what it would be like to have you in my bed. I told her she was about to find out and rolled over on top of her. I slid down the length of her long beautiful body planting kisses and light nibbles all the way down feeling, touching, and tasting every inch of her and trying to emblazon all of her in my mind forever. She was delicious. Her nipples were hard and round and I sucked them as if they contained all the sustenance I needed in life. I squeezed and sucked and she moaned louder and louder. That both pleased and drove me. I kissed my way down her luscious body and stuck my tongue in her navel kissing there, Sucking. My hands trailed down to her now sopping wet pussy and I slipped my fingers gently inside of her. She moaned loudly and called my name. I rose up to kiss her while still fingering her hot, wet pussy softly. She clutched me tightly and mewled into my open mouth sucking my tongue deep into her throat.

I want to taste you baby I whispered sliding down her body again. I positioned myself between her legs and ran my tongue flat against her slit. I breathed in deep to bask in the smell of her. I ran my tongue up and down her slit for a few minutes listening to her whispered cries of joy then I sucked her fat clit into my mouth and sucked on it for a second or two before inserting my fingers once again into her wet and waiting pussy. This time I wasn't so gentle. I wanted to fuck her brains out. I wanted to make her scream and cry all at once. I fucked her with my fingers and ran my tongue flat up and down her slit and sucked her clit into my mouth and the same time. She gyrated and bucked wildly and her cries grew more insistent and became louder. I got wetter and hotter by the moment. I was slowly losing control. She was turning me on like I've never been turned on before and I felt that I was on the brink of explosion! Just when I felt she was starting to cum she reached down and pulled me up on top of her. She gripped my ass and pulled me down so that my wet clit and pussy was mashed against her hot wet pussy. The feeling was electric! We both cried out loudly and our mouths came together in a fury of tongues and lips and spit. She was kneading my ass as I ground into her and she ground up into me. I could hear the wet sloshing as our juices mingled. Our clits were sliding against each other. Our breasts were mashed together. I was in ecstasy and was going higher. We were grinding faster and harder. It was as if we were trying to fuse our bodies together becoming one entity. Just as I was about to explode she rolled me over.

Not yet she whispered. I want to taste your pussy. I moaned. Do what you want baby I said. The pussy is yours. Taste me. Love me. Fuck me! I almost screamed. The thought of her mouth on my hot, quivering pussy was making me crazy.
She kissed down my body the way I had done to her earlier. Slowly and deliberately she made her way down my body kissing and nibbling all the way. Leaving a light wet trail as she went. She squeezed my breasts and nipples as she continued down the length of my body with her tongue. Once she got to my pussy she covered it with her entire mouth. Sylvia ate my pussy like a five course meal! Oh God! I screamed out loud. Eat my pussy baby. Taste me. Suck it! Suck it hard! I screamed. She obliged with gusto. At that moment she stuck her fingers deep into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast never removing her mouth from me just as I had done to her before. I felt my juices flowing freely now. I wanted so badly to come but again Sylvia had other ideas. She pulled her fingers out of my dripping pussy and sucked them into her mouth. I moaned and trembled at the sight. She slid her long, luscious body atop of mine and we were grinding pussies and clits again. We enjoyed this most of all. I wanted her deep in me. One with me. I reached down between us and spread my pussy lips open and whispered to her to do the same then we pressed our wide open pussies together. Shit! That was it! She ground down hard on top of me, I ground up hard into her, I reached up and grabbed one of her breast and sucked her nipple hard into my hungry mouth my other hand squeezing and kneading her soft round ass and trying to pull her inside of me. She looked down at me with those beautiful dark eyes and suddenly I saw a tear. My mouth met hers our tongues slashing and jabbing. I felt a tear of my own. I was making passionate love with my best friend and I was loving it and needing it! She reached under me and grabbed my ass to pull me closer. We were grinding harder now, faster. I felt her start to stiffen and I in turn stiffened with her. She pulled back and we looked deep into each others' eyes.
Cum to meI said. I am she said. I going to cum all over your hot wet juicy pussy she whispered. Your pussy is so fucking good I cried. I'm cumming with you baby! We were both panting and moaning loudly now. Tears streaming. It was so fucking good! Her pussy was so fucking good to me I knew I would get as much of it as I wanted tonight. She whimpered. She was starting to come. That pushed me over the top. Now I was cumming to! I was cumming hard and I felt our juices running down the crack of my ass. The sloshing sound our pussies made got louder. My senses were in a heightened state and I was going over the edge. We came in unison fast and hard. The buildup had not prepared me for what was happening to my head my heart my body and my soul. I was in another zone! I grabbed her head and brought her lips to mine. As our orgasms started to subside we both went limp. She lay on top of me panting hard and I lay beneath her doing the same. I felt like a whole new woman and I knew that our night had only just begun…….

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