Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hump in the night

Even a job as a research scientist could get boring, although Erica would never have believed that in college. Her mind kept wandering to times when she had been so bored and miserable in high school. The times she had felt like nothing would go right again.
The feeling hadn't exactly returned, but she wanted more excitement. She had seen all kinds of movies and had thought that the "heroes" of the stories had been incredible fools to turn away from romance and fantasy when it had been offered to them. They almost always opted for the ordinary.

She looked out the window. The night was cool but not too cold and the moon was just a sliver from being full. A walk would cheer her up she decided. She pulled on her full length leather coat over her jeans and shirt. She belted it tightly around her waist and breathed in deeply. All those dime store horror books had gotten one thing right; it was definitely possible to taste the night. Erica started walking briskly down her driveway and around the block. As she rounded the corner, she saw him.

He was leaning against the lamppost. His snug leather pants, belted tight around his lean waist, showed off every muscle in his long legs. His loose button up shirt matched his pants; dark deep and black. The kind of black that you could fall into and get lost in. All of a sudden, despite the cool night, Erica felt as if she had too many clothes on. Her jeans that had been so comfortable a minute ago were now too close and itchy. Not too mention damp she thought to herself.
Then he looked toward her and she was able to see his face. The smooth jaw line and high cheekbones; the soft, perfect lips that curled into a smile when he saw her. He turned and started walking. As if he had spoken aloud to her, she heard the words; "Follow me."
She eagerly obeyed them.

His boot heels clicked on the cold pavement as he turned down a darkened alley. Without a moment's hesitation, Erica did the same... and came face to face with him. He reached out and took her face in his hands. Suddenly she knew his name was Annick and he was from France from a town called Lutece. Erica knew she had heard the name of that town before but she couldn't possibly care now. Now all she wanted was this wonderful strange Annick to show her if European men really were better at screwing around than Americans.

Annick slid his hands down her back to her butt and squeezed lightly, pulling her against him. She moaned and looked into his yellow-gold eyes, losing herself in their silver flecks.
Annick pulled her further into the alley and she saw a small door through which he led her. Inside there was almost no light. Annick pulled a lighter from his pocket and started to light the many candles that were scattered all over the room. Erica sat down on the bed that was there and soon it seemed bright as day. Annick lit the last candle and turned toward her.

There was an animal's need in his gilded eyes as he crawled across the mattress like a panther stalking it's prey. He pulled off her boots as he reached her feet. Pushing her coat aside, his hands slid slowly up the inside of her legs to her crotch and up the line of buttons that fastened her jeans. Straddling her legs, he unbelted the coat and opened it. He then moved down again and began to pull at the button of her jeans with his teeth. One by one they came undone and Erica reached down to run her fingers through his fire red hair. He looked up at her and her scientist's eyes noted the unusual fact that he had no freckles like a redhead should have had.
She grinned at him and pulled her arms out of the sleeves of her coat as Annick got her jeans and pants out of the way with an easy tug. Leaning forward, she put her arms around his waist and pulled him up against her. Rubbing her hips against his she pulled his shirt back off his shoulders and began to kiss and run her tongue over the smooth pale skin and then up the side of his neck to underneath his chin.

She smiled as he leaned his head back moaning. He sounded like the animal he had looked like. Then she gasped. His canine teeth were extending down into two inch fangs. The heat between her legs increased as she realized what he was and she rubbed her thighs up against the insides of his. He had bent backward almost double over her arms and now he flipped back up and tackled her to the bed with inhuman speed. He's used to a fight, Erica thought.

She grinned and took him off guard by tightly encircling his waist with her legs. His golden eyes, now tinged with red, looked at her in wonder then his smile broadened again and he leaned down to her stomach. As he unbuttoned her shirt he let his tongue trace a slippery wet path up her flat belly and she put her hands behind his head, arching her body up. She felt his sharp fangs on either side of his tongue against her stomach and breasts as he licked off the salt sweat accumulating on her body.

Unhooking her bra, he licked around the nipple of one of her breasts before sucking hard. Erica moaned and twisted herself so to present him with the other nipple which he sucked at and played with as his hands roamed over every inch and crevasse on her body. He touch was electric and just when Erica thought she could stand it no more, she grabbed his face and lifted it to her own, laying kisses on those prefect lips.

She slipped her tongue between his lips and ran it up along Annick's and then back against the roof of his mouth. She let it curl around one of his long, smooth fangs before letting him pull back. Sliding her hands over his unnaturally cool flesh she could feel his muscles, hard toned under his pale skin.

Reaching for his pants she found an even harder treasure yet. She rolled over on top of him and straddled his waist, pinning him to the bed. He raised one eyebrow in a playful expression as she pulled her own shirt from her shoulder then proceeded to strip him as well. Every horror book she had read about vampires not being able to get it up could go to hell in a hand basket as far as Annick was concerned.

She licked her hands well, watching Annick's sharp eyes hungrily follow her tongue as she slowly licked up and down the length of each of her long fingers. She began to rub her wet hands up and down Annick's long thick cock. Rub then squeeze, rub then squeeze. He tensed under her and let out a deep throated moan. She ran her hands over his whole body, exploring everywhere before pulling him into a kneeling position in front of her. His hands were on her butt now and slowly moved down between her legs where you could have drowned an army. Erica didn't want an army, though.

She wanted Annick, every gorgeous inch of him. As if reading her mind he pulled her closer and using his knees to spread her thighs apart, easily slid into her. Weak with pleasure, Erica would have toppled over if Annick hadn't been so strong, holding them both upright. He bucked his hips, jamming himself deeper and deeper inside her.

Erica felt her muscles start to contract and clench around him. Please, Annick! she wanted to scream. More, MORE! He jammed into her up to his balls and she hit the most incredible orgasm of her life; pleasure so hot, so burning, so intense you could almost mistake it for pain. Annick buried his head in her hair against her shoulder and crushed her body to his own.
After a minute, he pulled out of her, but Erica wasn't done with him yet. Pushing him down to the bed, she pinned his arms down above his head. She knew he had the strength to resist her, even to throw her against the wall, but he put up no fight and let himself be held down. Erica pressed her breasts to his stomach and rubbed them up the length of his body. Her rock hard nipples tracing along his ribs. She blew her warm breath against his chest like a feather's touch and moving slowly back and forth, she moved up to his neck.

His moans drove her wild as she bit down on the soft skin. She felt him swallow under the pressure of her teeth. His muscles flexed against her hands as she held him down; she felt his lean body writhe under her own. With one more hard nip to the underside of his chin, she remounted her demon stallion. Not all at once, though. Never all at once. She lowered her hips letting just his head slide into her before pulling up.

Lowering herself again, she came down on him and let him have a little more. Annick squirmed and howled; he was more than ready for her. With a sadistic smile she lowered her hips once more, still only letting him have a little more than before. Then without warning, she sat down on him, driving him deep between her legs. Releasing his wrists, she tickled the soft furry sack between his legs then squeezed. Annick arched his back up from the bed then reached down to let his fingers explore her; tracing the mouth of her pussy where it was stretched around him and tickling her clit ever so lightly that it drove her senses mad.
Holding her waist now, he let his hips rise and fall rhythmically. She came again, better than before, only Annick came with her this time, laying back his head and baying like a wolf as he pumped into her. Claws she hadn't noticed before shredded the sheets and mattress on either side of them to shreds. The candlelight glinted off his razor fangs as he lithely rolled over onto her almost faster than her eyes could follow.

He pulled out quickly and jammed himself into her again and again until Erica thought she'd gone to seventh heaven. He nestled his face against her shoulder and pulled her up vertical against him as Erica leaned her head back and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and head in return.

Erica lay back against the bed, wonderfully exhausted, as Annick withdrew from her. There was a strange shine to his eyes that started to make her hot all over again but she was tired. So tired. Again as if he had spoken aloud, she heard; "Ma chere, ma chere. Sleep you need now." She watched the candlelight through Annick's fiery hair and her eyes came to rest on the thin trickle of red from the corner of his mouth. She fell asleep.

When she awoke it was daylight and she was lying on her sofa. She went to the hall mirror and looked in. There she saw two small pairs of sores over the carotid artery in her neck. So that wasn't a dream! She went through the day walking on air. Unable to wait for nightfall, she retraced her steps to find Annick's alley, but she hunted in vain; Annick had been careful not to let her notice where he had taken her.

As night fell, she sat down under a streetlamp in despair and began to play with the little pebbles at the side of the street. The sound of a barking dog made her look up and she saw Annick standing just out of range of the light. Without a word, she walked up to him and, putting her arms around his neck, kissed him full on the lips. When they finally parted, she suddenly remembered where she had heard of the town Lutece before. It was a very ancient name for Paris.
"Take me back to Paris with you," she whispered.

Annick looked at her in disbelief. He sent a thousand images to her mind about what it was to be like him and what she was asking. "We'll have forever," she said with a greedy lusty smile that promised so much more than the tip of the iceberg they had seen last night. Annick grinned and released her. He walked off a short way, then turned, looking at her playfully.
Infinitely warmer and more loving than the first time she had heard it, the voice in her mind said, "Follow me, ma chere."
And she did, infinitely more eagerly than before.
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