Thursday, January 10, 2008

first time

Billy was out of it, he was 16 and had been doing the usual Friday night ritual of a teenager in a small British town... drinking budget cider until he felt ill and my god did he feel ill. He had mislaid his drinking partners and was now trying to make his way home without being run over or vomiting in someone's front garden. He sat on a wall to compose himself for a few seconds but before he knew what was happening his head had dropped and he was fell asleep.
'Billy! Billy! BILL!!!
Billy woke up with a start as a concerned Charlotte shook him. Charlotte was in some of Billy's classes at school as well as a regular drinking partner. Charlotte was in Billy's eyes, the perfect looking girl, she was around 5'4" with all the right curves and dirty blonde hair and on top of all that she was one of the nicest people you were ever likely to meet.
'You alright mate?' Billy slurred.
'I'm fine' She giggled.
'You trying to get home?'
'Yeah I think so. But I got some company now so I might not.'
'Riiight... d'you want to warm up round mine, its freezing out here and there's no-one in.'
'Yeah,' Billy grinned like he'd never grinned before.
Charlotte took hold of Billy's hand and hauled him up. Billy stumbled and grabbed her round the waist for support, Charlotte giggled and Billy quickly removed the offending hands thinking she was objecting.
'You didn't have to do that, I didn't mind.' She smiled.
Not quite knowing what to say Billy just grinned stupidly again as Charlotte stared into his eyes before grabbing his hand and quickly dragged him up a nearby alleyway. Billy looked up and down the alleyway, there was just one lamppost shining at the end he looked back at Charlotte as she placed his hands back round her waist.
He looked at her innocent looking face smiling back at him as she leaned into kiss him gently she parted her lips and let Billy slip his tongue inside. They held each other closer as the passion built up between them until Charlotte slowly pulled away.
'Are you still a Virgin?' She asked quietly.
'Yeah... you?' Billy asked nervously.
'Nah, I lost mine when I was 14,' she said turning away from Billy's gaze.
Billy wasn't quite sure what to say so he just held her close to him, partly to keep warm as he was shivering by now in the February chill but more to comfort his sexy friend.
'Would you want to lose yours to me?' She whispered suddenly.
'Yeah... why wouldn't I?' Billy spluttered, the nervousness returning to his voice.
Charlotte giggled once again and kissed him on the cheek before letting her hand drop to his jean-covered crotch. Billy looked down as she expertly unzipped his fly and began to gently stroke his rapidly hardening cock through his boxer shorts. With her other hand she unsnapped her own jeans and slipped her hand into her own panties as Billy watched with awe as she pleasured both him and herself.
Billy could feel his full 6 inches but he couldn't take his eyes off Charlottes hand inside her panties as squelching noises began to fill the air, suddenly she removed her hand and playfully stuck her finger in Billy's mouth... his first taste of woman and he was hooked.
'You ready then?' She said.
Billy nodded and she gave him a quick kiss before taking down his jeans and boxers, dropping them to his ankles. His cock sprung out proudly, a drop of pre-cum just glistened in the little bit of light there was. As he was staring at his erect member Charlotte dropped her own underwear to her ankles and turned, facing the wall her left hand pressed firmly against it so that she was bent over slightly.
'Ready when you are.' Charlotte smiled comfortingly.
Billy positioned himself behind and took his cock in his hand and tried to guide himself into her warm hole. He nudged it up against her pussy lips a couple of times unable to find the right location, his frustration grew as he repeatedly nudged his cock against her hot genitals. Feeling him becoming more and more annoyed, Charlotte calmly reached round and took his throbbing cock into her hand.
'It's alright babe, you just keep calm.'
Cock in hand she slowly guided it into herself and Billy felt his head slide into her tight hole. He was in ecstasy Charlotte let go and let him make his way all the way in. Billy began to withdraw and slowly picked up his pace, soon he had got the knack and was humping like a pro, Charlotte was obviously appreciating his rapidly improving skills as her moans grew louder and her hips began to meet with every one of Billy's thrusts.
She dropped her right hand down to her dripping snatch and began to rub on her swollen clit, Billy was going at quite a pace now as his balls slapped against his thighs with every thrust, suddenly Charlotte thrust backwards violently letting out a huge moan.
'Keep doing that... that... that was my G-Spot!' She cried.
Billy kept at the same pace as Charlotte kept up an almost constant moan she finally called out that she was cumming and without warning a huge stream of liquid left her pee-hole. Billy wasn't sure what had just happened but he knew he liked it as he began to feel his balls tighten.
'I'm going to cum!!' He yelled.
'Keep it in me baby, keep it in.' Charlotte squealed still having mini orgasms.
Billy held on tight as he let himself go letting rope after rope of hot cum shoot deep inside Charlottes aching hole. Billy collapsed on top of Charlotte withdrawing his now limp cock from her cum-filled pussy. Charlotte turned around and kissed Billy lovingly pulling up her jeans in the process.
'Cheers babe, you were brilliant. You going to be alright to get home?'
'Uh-huh,' was all Billy could muster.
Charlotte laughed again and gave Billy one last kiss.
'I'll see you on school on Monday then. Thanks again.'
Charlotte walked off leaving a smiling Billy to clean up his sticky cock on his pair of sacrificed boxers.

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